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Come on a journey

We have gone on many journeys since we met over 7 years ago: to China, Russia, Mongolia, Bhutan, France, Malaysia … and soon to Sri Lanka.

Our next adventure is to get married in March 2016. An important part of that dream is for our families and friends to come to know one another before we celebrate our special day. We truly want our marriage to be a union of two families, and we consider that to be all of you.

We chose Sri Lanka as a destination where all of us could go on an adventure together, somewhere we all have never been before or would even think of going. Somewhere we can enjoy delicious food, beautiful scenery and deep history, while not being too difficult of a place to travel. Most importantly we wanted to find a beautiful venue, just small enough, that it would be ours alone.

That’s why we are inviting you to come on a big, family-and-close-friends-only holiday before our wedding. Let's create shared memories that will last more than just a wedding. We'll take care of you on holiday by arranging an exciting itinerary: all you have to do is relax and be open to new experiences.

Our wedding will be a celebration of all the journeys we have taken — and will take — together. And we'd love you to come along on that journey with us.